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Dating advice
Dating is getting increasingly common, which is a good thing, especially for young ladies as it can help them secure a better marriage.

We strongly recommend that girls try dating multiple men, letting them see how different they can be. It is imperative for your ability to make exactly the right choice when you only have a limited time before saying 'yes' to your partner in life.

Back in the day – and that's not all that long time ago – people took offense at seeing young girls together with a gentleman caller. Thankfully that was in the past. The old ways did more harm than good – girls back then were so naive and were far more easily duped by deceitful men. This is something we're changing in our modern times! Dating helps you get to know men and learn that not all are flawless. Not even the ones who look perfect at first glance.

Three tips for finding the one

If you date multiple men at once you have to make sure that you treat them all the same and a bit 'cool'. That way you avoid misunderstandings and are less likely to end up in unfortunate circumstances.

Say goodbye to the traditional ideal of the demure girl – take an interest in your conversations, even if what he's saying should be boring.

Observe your date with a cool mind and a keen gaze. Should you see any signs of a bad character, break off your relationship immediately. Far too many men only want one thing and regratbly women are too weak by nature to resist. The best thing would be to bring a chaperone – your amah or another confidant. That makes it far easier to resist temptation.