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A delicious, old English sunday dinner
A proper Sunday dinner is a necessity for a true Englishman, no matter how far from home he might be.

This weeks menu suggestion is as follows:

Clear soup

Fish Cakes

Beef Olives

Steamed Yorkshire pudding


Clear soup

2 pints clear stock

1 carrot

1 turnip

1 small piece of celery

1 leek

1 onion


1 ounce of butter


Shred the vegetables. Melt the butter in a pan and cook the vegetables until they are slightly brown. Boil the stock and season to taste, then add the vegetables and cook them till they are tender. Remove scum as it rises. Add shredded lettuce, boil for a few minutes and serve.


Fish Cakes

Remains of cold fish

Mashed potatoes


Cold sauce

Anchovy sauce

Mix all the ingredients well, form into flat cakes or balls, egg and coat them with breadcrumbs, fry them in boiling fat until they are golden brown.

Cooking time 2-3 minutes.


Beef Olives

Two pounds of fillet of beef

Two ounces of white crumbs

Two ounces of chopped suet

Two ounces of butter

Chopped parsley

Two pinches of thyme

Two tablespoonfuls of flour

Two teaspoonfuls of grated lemon rind

Two beaten eggs

Two pints of stock or Bovril

Pepper and salt

Cut the beef into long thin strips three to four inches long and about two and a half inches wide. Bat out the meat until it is flat. Mix all dry ingredients together in a basin and bind them with egg. Spread a portion of forcemeat on each strip of beef, roll it up tightly and tie each piece with cotton. Make the butter hot and fry the beef olives a nice brown. Pour the stock over and let it simmer for about three quarters of an hour. Thicken with flour, add a little sauce, season and serve. Dish on a long roll of mashed potatoes nicely forked at the sides and serve gravy in a sauceboat.


Steamed Yorkshire pudding

Half a pound of flour

1 ounce of butter

2 eggs

Milk to mix

Put the half-pound of flour into a basin and rub in the butter. Make a hollow in the centre of the mixture and break in the egg, beat well adding the milk gradually until all is mixed. Then beat for a further fifteen minutes, when the mixture coats a soon it is ready. Grease a pudding basin and pour in the mixture, cover and steam for one and a half hours. For cooking the water should only come half way up the dish. Serve with jam, butter and sugar.