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It was common for magazines in the 1920s to print poetry contributions from their readers. The poems were usually paeans to some aspect of every day life and were usually stylistically similar to romanticist poets from the early 19th century.

The contributtion ”Daybreak in the Suburb” was (in its English version) printed in the English-language Shanghai newspaper North China Daily News on March 21, 1927.


The illustration ”Woman in the Morning” was made by Zhang Ling-tao for a Chinese periodical in 1931.

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Poetic contribution from a reader
It is a great pleasure to present this poetic contribution, donated to Shanghai Modern by our dedicated reader mr. Henry Morton Robinson.

Suburban Dawn

Nothing is paler than suburban dawn;

Nothing in mountain forests have I seen

Nore shyly tranquil than the dappled fawn

Of daybreak crossing squares of dusty green.

Dawn is a white doe pasturing between

The hedge and house, the sidewalk and the lawn,

Cropping the berried bush of darkness clean

While all the curtains in the town are drawn.


Over the pavement lean the dreaming trees

With lashes of ther drowsy leaves turned down;

Brown ivy-sparrows tune their morning glees;

The day is trying on her newest gown -

And dons it quickly, hearing on the breeze

The whistle of the first train into town.


(Illustration: Zhang Ling-tao: Woman in dawn)

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